Dog Walker Watch (DWW) is a crime awareness program sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch and coordinated locally by law enforcement agencies and crime watch groups or other community organizations. The program encourages dog walkers nationwide to serve as “extra eyes and ears” for local law enforcement agencies in the ongoing crime prevention efforts.

National Association of Town Watch invites you to register for the Dog Walker Watch Crime Awareness Program and turn your neighborhood into a safer, more alert community.

What’s Next.

Register today to receive the official Dog Walker Watch Introduction & Guide PDF with information, guidelines, and more to help you get the program started in your local community.

What’s Included:

  • Introduction.
  • How it Works.
  • Getting Started.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • A Dog Walker Watch Training Class Flyer.
  • Bi-Fold Dog Walker Watch Brochure (Outside Content).
  • Bi-Fold Dog Walker Watch Brochure (Inside Content).
  • The Dog Walker Watch Training Class Keynote Presentation (NATW Members Only)