Awards Program Details

Category Info. & Tips

The national awards program honors registered cities, military bases, and various communities on participation and success of their National Night Out efforts. This is for members only.  Specific dates and more details are included in the organizational kit.

Category 1: For areas with 300,000 + population.

Category 2: For areas with 100,000-299,000 population.

Category 3: For areas with 50,000-99,999 population.

Category 4: For areas with 15,000-49,999 population.

Category 5: For areas with less than 15,000 population.

Category 6: For first year NNO areas only. NNO Rookies of the Year will receive awards.

Category 7: Open to military bases/communities. Winners grouped by branch of service.

Category 8: Electric Utilities who are registered separately with NATW are eligible.

Category 9: Top-ranked State will receive the “NNO State Award.”

Category 10: Neighborhood/Community. Honors outstanding smaller groups or programs such as blocks, neighborhoods and communities.

Award Criteria

1. Overall Campaign:  Quality of area’s NNO program including, organizational structure (e.g. advance planning, involving all levels of community, etc.), short and long term community impact, significant results, and regular communication with NATW office.

2. Neighborhood Participation:  Extent of citizen involvement, number of participation blocks, neighborhoods, communities, types of events, activities, etc.

3. Law Enforcement Involvement:  Level police or sheriff department participation and support.

4. Media & Promotional Campaign:  Generation of a successful media and promotional campaign with extensive coverage, documentation of news broadcasts and articles, event footage, photos, and more.

5. Special Events:  Originality and effectiveness of local special events developed for NNO and impact upon local participation, media coverage,  and awareness

6. Overall Post Project Report:  Comprehensive and quality entry (very important!) with narrative, commentary, documentation of results, agendas, media coverage, participation data, and sampled flyers, posters and related promotional materials.

7. Miscellaneous:  Various other aspects of your Post Project Report including, timeliness submissions to NATW, support of national corporate sponsors (Associa, NextDoor, Target) and promotion themes, efforts to involve new NNO cities, towns, counties in your region, and communal participation in project365.

How to Enter?

1. Register for National Night Out 2014.

2. Send NATW an Awards Entry Letter that indicates your interest in the awards program and particular category for enrollment.

3. Generate a preliminary agenda that outlines your plans for National Night Out and send to NATW.

4. Submit your NNO post-project report to NATW based upon the guidelines outlined in your organizational kit.

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NOTE: Eligible entries are organized into categories based upon population. The top ranked areas in each category receive an official “National Night Out Award” plaque.